Well I guess I've 'made it'...My flipbooks have been counterfeited (ALOT!)

Been dealing with a very frustrating problem today.  I just discovered the internet...I'll specify and say the (Chinese?) part of the internet...is just SWARMING with counterfeit versions of my flipbooks. So much so that I think I can literally do nothing about it. They even use my name.  It's hard not to just through my hands up and laugh about it.

Although there are many of my flipbooks this is happening too, the main one is question is the book that went crazy viral with over 100 million views in all the internet nooks and crannies I could keep track of.

They took my hand-drawn work and made completely digitized perfect replicas of them right down to copying my own handwriting, and mimicking the background I used to film the flipbook (which happened to be a yellow polka-dot shirt from my wife...IS NOTHING SACRED??)

Added to the list of maddening and hilarious things about this is that because there are so many counterfeits, in one of the company's photo example, they go to the lengths so show you a 'good' counterfeit version of my book compared to a cheap looking crappy counterfeit version.


And there's just hundred of places that are selling their own version (and several others of my flipbooks) I know there's very little I can do, but just had to share.  I suppose it's time to find a good printer that can print these things so I can at least compete with other versions of my own work. Let me know if you have any leads on a good printer or if you have any advice or just want to comfort me with an internet hug.  Thanks for listening!

And hey you counterfeiters...I've got my eye on you, you dirty stinking pirates!  Knock it off!

Ford Mustang Flipbook

Here is how the ford mustang commission turned out...had a blast working on it but took a long while to cram all that action into 45 seconds, ended up being near 600 individual drawings. 

Mister Rogers Flipbook.

I wanted the first blog posting to set a nice friendly tone...so what could be better than a Mister Roger's clip where he talks about flipbooks.  Enjoy!