Hey!  Sure, I'm  'The Flippist'...but I'm also Ben, a lovable dork.

Growing up, my dad collected all sorts of weird records, books, and antique toys.  He had so much stuff, he even had his own room for it all.  I would sit with him and there was always something new and interesting to look at.  One day he brought out a Mickey Mouse flipbook, and I remember being in awe of what I assumed was somehow real magic in the palm of my hands.  It sparked in me a love of animation and flipbooks.  Here I am now, decades later...a professional FLIPBOOK MAKER! 

Here are some dreams of mine in no particular order:  Please help if you can. 

  • I would like to make a flipbook for Sesame Street someday. 
  • I would like to be invited to some sort of fancy award ceremony (I don't need to be nominated or win anything) 
  • I would like to have more friends and/or penpals
  • I would like to drive around The U.S. and see a few national parks and stay in cheap hotels and eat at tiny local diners.
  • I would like to see the northern lights. 
  • I would love to be the judge of some food festival contest (Pie?  BBQ?  Eggrolls?  I'm not picky.) 
  • I would like to poke flowing lava with a stick.
  • I will write the best song ever recorded.

I deeply enjoy Prince, 60s/70s Motown & Funk, Pee-wee Herman, metal detecting, garage sale shopping, as well as both historical, scientific, and antique-related t.v. shows.

Below is a video of the coolest thing that has ever happened to me: