How Ordering Works


**I’m currently only accepting commercial flipbook orders and will be taking a break from making custom flipbook proposals and other smaller orders.  Any commercial inquiries message below.    Thank you for your understanding. **


1)  Message me your idea! Feel free to be as weird or sentimental as you want! We can also brainstorm together, but try to sum it up with a few short sentences.  Defining a beginning, middle, and end helps.

2)  Custom flipbook prices vary based on complexity, deadline, and number of scenes needed.  Due to demand, time-needed, & physical limitations, higher budgets may get priority.  Each book is a hand-drawn original, so this is the best I can offer right now.  Prices for commercial work also vary, so just send a message.

  (Don't have money but have a crazy unique item or experience to trade?  I'm open to fun stuff like that...try me!)

3)  Once we agree on a plan/price,  I'll email over some rough sketches for your approval.  When you give the OK, I'll set up a custom invoice for you to order.

4)  Upon payment, I'll ask for reference photos and keep you posted on any progress as the animation comes together. Orders can take 1-3 months depending on backlog, (with rush available at an added cost) so please order early. The earlier you can put your order in, the more likely I will be able to make it.

Don't have any ideas?

The best flipbooks tend to have a beginning, middle, and end...which gives it more of a 'complete story' please try to think in those terms. If you can describe each part in one sentence...the more easily it will be understood.  I can sprinkle in smaller details as well once we have a main story. 

Most flipbooks include some of the following: first date/special relationship moments, inside jokes, nicknames, wacky stories/adventures, morphing someone into another person or object, a condensed movie or tv scene, animated song lyrics or phrases, likes/dislikes.  Having a title in mind, or a written message you want to convey can also help guide the animation.  If that doesn't work, try taking a look at the video section to spark some ideas.

I love hearing the sweet and unique concepts people come up with, so come on and send a message.